Blended Learning

With any learning intervention, there is no "one size fits all" answer. Blended learning consulting is ideal when you want to increase the flexibility of your learning programs -- and reduce travel costs associated with training.

Blended learning consulting can supplement traditional learning methods to varying degrees. Our consultants can expertly assess your learning needs and develop the delivery combination that meets your learning objectives. We've developed blended learning solutions for many corporations.

Custom Development

The Designed for Learning timely solution. Staying at the forefront of a rapidly changing business environment is no easy feat. In order to gain a competitive advantage, training and educating your organization's staff in new techniques and critical skills is critical.

One Stop Shopping

Custom development provides you with a program that you direct. Whether you need to train fourteen people or forty, our consultants will work with you to develop just-in-time training solutions that are flexible, cost effective and meet the unique needs of your business.

What's more, all of our programs can be conducted on site or at a location convenient to your business.

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum development consultantsare skilled in adult learning theories and can write curriculum and course materials for instructor-led, web-based and computer-based training. From participant guides, to leader guides, to job aids and assessments, we can cover your course material requirements.

Our curriculum development-consulting professionals are ready and eager to roll up their sleeves and interview your subject matter experts to create engaging and effective instruction. If needed, our consultants will conduct train-the-trainer sessions to get your internal training team up to speed fast.

eLearn Self Study

With so many companies experiencing travel budget restrictions and the fact that it is getting more and more difficult to be away from the office for training programs, an on-site instructor-led training session may not be possible. We offer a variety of computer-based self-studies, available for purchase that teach the skills and knowledge critical for success in today's business environment.

Our clients have found the option of our computer-based self-stude courses to be especially effective to meet their training needs. Clients have used them as just in time training tools to help improve individual performance.

In addition, should your organization require customized computer-based solutions, our consultants are trained in the theory of self-paced learning and can script, storyboard and program a customized computer-based program to meet your needs. Our consultants have the latest technical knowledge and skills to successfully implement your program. Our e-learning services and expertise is truly a "soup to nuts" operation.

Human Performance Technology

The specialized field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) incorporates a systematic approach used to help companies increase productivity and improve human performance in the workplace.

Our organizational development, change management and instructional trainer consultants are trained to identify performance gaps in job completion and remove the barriers to individual and organizational performance. Through needs assessment, job task analysis, and a range of interventions, our Human Performance Technology consultants will guide you in the process of enhancing performance in the workplace.

Instructional Design

Our instructional design consultants can create learning methodologies and programs that meet your objectives, whether it's instructor-led training (ILT), web-based training (WBT) or computer-based training (CBT). Many of our instructional designers have advanced degrees in Education and are knowledgeable about adult learning theories and instructional system design models.

Whether you need a new course created from scratch or revisions to existing content, our instructional designers can create engaging and effective learning programs. We have experience conducting needs assessments and task analyses, writing design documents and evaluating the effectiveness and ROI of training programs for numerous Global 2000 companies.

Facilitation / Instructor-Led training

When you need to supplement your training staff and roll out new product training or other key initiatives, contact us. Our corporate instructor-led training consultants and facilitators are seasoned professionals who have worked with many Global 2000 companies and are skilled at conducting train-the-trainer sessions to get your staff up to speed fast.

We can provide ILT consulting with polished trainers who can expertly

Just for Kids

One of the hallmarks and differentiators of our company is our "Just for Kids" programs. These eLearning courses are fun, game-based learning programs designed and developed by teachers who know how kids learn. They are thoroughly familiar with what kids like, what inspires them to learn and what gives them a thirst for life-long learning. They have built that knowledge into all our "Just for Kids" courses. Some of "Just for Kids" programs include:

Go to the Courses Available page to purchase and download these valuable courses.

Leadership Development

Looking for Learning and Development professionals with expertise in Leadership Development? Look no further. Our seasoned Leadership Development Training consultants design and deliver Curriculum Implementations, Corporate Leadership Development Programs, and Leadership Skill Programs to executive, mid-level and front-line management.

Our leadership development consultants can administer 360-degree assessments, design team-building activities, and facilitate customized off-site retreats. If your executive team needs one-on-one coaching, our consultants can provide the expertise and confidentiality you require. Additionally, we have consultants who are certified in conducting Myers-Briggs assessments for personality inventory.

Mobile Learning

Incorporating Mobile Learning, or mLearning, into organizational training programs is becoming "mission critical" during these tough economic times. It is becoming more and more important to productively fill available gaps in the working day. But, the understanding and adoption of practical mobile learning solutions, along with the unique development tools, deployment methods and tracking processes that make these efforts successful, have proven to be a challenge for many organizations. The biggest challenge for many teams working on the beginning mLearning efforts is the lack of an appropriate point of reference for planning developing and managing a mobile learning initiative. This is largely due to the fact that the building blocks for creating an instructor-led training class or an engaging eLearning course are actually quite different than those that comprise an mLearning deliverable. At Designed for Learning, deliver competitively priced performance solutions to help you created engaging mLearning products for your organization. Call us to discuss how we can work together on your next mLearning project.

Needs Assessment

A thorough needs analysis is essential for a large-scale learning initiative to succeed. Our needs assessment consultants and instructional designers have long-term experience conducting needs assessments for Global 2000 companies.

Designed for Learning needs assessment consultants will seamlessly work with you to interview subject matter experts and other key stakeholders, diagnose the learning gaps and help you specify learning objectives.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is long-term change that requires planned training programs. Our Organizational Development consultants have advanced degrees in Applied Behavioral Science and years of experience consulting with Global 2000 companies. From organization-wide interventions to coaching work teams, our seasoned Organizational Development consultants can accurately diagnose and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Here's a sample of the types of interventions available:

Project Management

Our Project Managers are accomplished and experienced at managing large-scale and complex projects. From planning to implementation, our project management consultants can step in at any stage of a project and manage it through to successful completion.

Our project managers have experience in a variety of industries, including high technology, financial services, and manufacturing. You can rest assured that your resources and budget will be managed efficiently, with your project completed on time.

Webinars and Webcasts

No need to panic when the next new product training or system upgrade comes around. With our distance learning consultants, you can have all areas of your organization trained quickly and efficiently. Distance learning consulting allows you to increase the flexibility of your learning programs -- and reduce travel costs.

Ourdistance learning consultants are skilled in these delivery methods:

Design Training Courses

Courses Available to Purchase

We offer a wide range of performance and learning services to help each employee make a lasting difference in an organization.

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