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"Partnership" is a word that is heard often in today's business environment. But, words are words and performance is reality. At Designed for Learning, we not only say we will work as partners. we perform as partners! We commit to your project and becoming part of your project team.

But we also know how busy everyone is in today's work environment. Projects on top of projects and the ever-growing "to-do" list. One of our goals is to make your life easier! We establish the project plan, and set expectations early so you know exactly how we will work together.

Our partnerships are truly successful and there are many reasons why:

Contracts - We work together to develop contracts and statements of work that reflect reality and provide you with the cost and time of our resources. We also outline roles, and expectations to ensure your project is successful and your needs are met. This early collaborative effort ensures that everyone has a thorough understanding of the project.

Project Planning - Our consultants are some of the most efficient and experienced project managers out there. We collaborate with you to create an actionable, reasonable project plan that ensures on-time delivery as well as a means for adjusting timelines to meet unexpected needs and developments.

Communication - Communication, Communication. We agree to communicate on a regular basis, using methods most appropriate to the situation. We believe that there can never be too much communication and whatever method and frequency works for you, works for us. This also helps us support our efforts at effectively partnership and minimized misunderstandings and unmet expectations.

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